Jean’s Kitchen is all about Home Cooking and supporting those who want an alternative to the high cost of taking the family out to eat and the unhealthy choices in the fast food drive through.

Both a physical place and an on-line resource, Jean’s Kitchen was created from a love of good food, immense pleasure in preparing it and a desire to teach and encourage others to ‘take the plunge’ and cook at home more often.

That might be once a week for you. Or it might be once more a week. It’s up to you.

  • Maybe you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know what to fix.
  • Maybe you feel you have no time to cook.
  • Maybe you hate the cleanup.

Whatever your situation, you have choices and Jean’s Kitchen can help.

Cooking Parties – Make a Memory! Invite five friends or family members to celebrate a birthday, friendship, holiday or just life by booking a cooking class dinner party at Jean’s Kitchen.

Sit at the bar and sip sparkling cider and nibble on a homemade appetizer. Watch a full meal being prepared. Ask questions as we go along, take notes and maybe perform a task or two.  When everything’s ready, we’ll move to the dining room table and enjoy the food together.

You’ll take home the recipe for every delicious dish prepared. Some will be new, some familiar but with a new twist. You’ll be able to do at home what Jean did in her kitchen. She may do things from scratch, but will give you shortcuts to save you time in the kitchen.

Check it out: http://jeanskitchen.net/celebrate-cooking-class-party

Cooking Tips, Kitchen Shortcuts, Cooks’ Secrets, Reference Information - You have a friend in the kitchen. Jean doesn’t claim to know it all, but what she knows is ‘up for grabs’ and she is happy to share what she’s learned in many years of cooking. Things to make cooking easier, less stressful and more fun. Not to mention delicious!

Recipes - Check them out:  http://jeanskitchen.net/category/recipes

Continental Ranch Winterfest

Continental Ranch Winterfest


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