The Green Onion Experiment

I found this great idea on someone else’s blog. Sorry, I don’t remember whose, but I give you full credit! It’s about extending the life of your green onions and getting new tops from them.  It really works! It’s especially nice if you don’t normally use the white bulb part of a green onion.

Here’s the thing: After you’ve cut off and used the green tops, instead of throwing away the rooted bulb portions, stand them in a small glass of water, an inch or so deep. Leave them on the kitchen counter.

In less than a week, the onions will have grown new green shoots, ready for you to cut again. Check the water level every few days and keep the root balls covered.

Kids will love watching the onions grow;  I have to say it’s been fun for me, too, and very convenient. I just reach up, snip them off and toss them in the salad.

Happy snipping!

Your friend in the kitchen,