The Great Cookie Sheet Hunt

It’s over now. The Great Hunt. I’ve found what I’ve been wanting. It took a long time; I’ve shopped all over town and online looking for the perfect cookie sheet, one that meets my very specific needs:

♦ Don’t always need to be greased, especially between batches of cookies

♦ Are big enough to hold up to 2 dozen cookies

♦ Won’t bake the oil, shortening or cooking spray right into the pan

♦ Are heavy duty enough not to bend and dent

I finally found them at Bed, Bath & Beyond. The Brand is USA Pan  and having used them for a few weeks now, I’m sold.  They meet all my criteria and then some:

♦ They are silicone coated, but don’t look like it. (Don’t risk scratching with metal untensils.)

♦ Their ridged surface cleans like a charm. I don’t grease them and between batches ; simply rinse them with cold water and wipe with a paper towel. (Instructions say do not wash in the

dishwasher.) No matter;  they wouldn’t fit, anyway. A dishcloth and a little soap makes quick work of any cleanup.

♦ You can bake at a reduced temperature (as a rule of thumb, I go with 25° lower) and sometimes  for a shorter time period.

♦ There’s only one rimmed edge.  So there are no corners to get gunked up – hooray!  The one edge makes the whole pan appear larger. Plus they store so much easier. I have a stand up rack in the pantry and I just pull out the cookie sheet. Nothing else comes with it.

USA Pan cookie sheets cost more than most:  $18.00+ Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons come into my mailbox on a regular basis, so I never pay full price, but would be willing to because they are the best I’ve ever baked with.

Your friend in the kitchen,