Baking Small is the In Thing

There’s something innately appealing about cute little things, be they babies, puppies or inanimate objects. I was in a kitchen store the other day  (surprise, surprise!)  and was instantly drawn to all the small electric appliances available to bake “cute little foods.”

*Cakesicle Maker (Why not “Baker?”)
*Cake Pop & Donut Hole Maker
*Strawberry Shortcake Maker
*Ice Cream Sandwich Maker – This was the best one, I thought; it baked round miniature waffles you use to make ice cream sand-wiches.
*Pretzel Maker
*Personal Pie Maker
*Smiley Pancake Maker
*Mini Cupcake Maker

Each appliance was brightly colored and wouldn’t they be fun for the kids? But look at that list! It’ll be hard to choose and goodness knows there’s no room in the pantry to store them.

My friend suggested I buy the ones I can’t resist and give them as gifts. Hmm…

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