Me and the 2013 Pima County Fair

The Pima County Fair is coming up soon and this year I entered cookies. My great aunt’s gingersnaps won a blue ribbon for me last year, so why not?

Hope runs high for the Lemon Drop Cookies. They have four sources of lemon flavor, including a glaze and it’s still not too much. Taste testers love them and maybe the judges will too.

“Everything” Cookies are a wonderful combination of many favorite flavors of other cookies: peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chips, coconut, pecans and raisins.

Cranberry Coconut cookies are sometimes considered a special cookie reserved for the holidays, but they’re yummy anytime, so they’re on the list, too.

Brownies aren’t really cookies, but these triple chocolate,  super rich and delicious-with-a-hint-of-coffee deserve to compete.

I’ll let you know how we (me and my cookies!) do.

Your friend in the kitchen,


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