Homemade Bread

Jean’s Kitchen

Thank you for your interest in home baked bread. I bake everything from scratch and use a stone wheel grinder to grind wheat for any whole wheat flour product.  In addition, I use organic farm fresh eggs, sea salt and add no commercial preservatives. All products freeze well. I bake ‘on demand,’ so please call in your order – 520 780-8296 and give me a minimum of 48 hours notice. For quantity orders, make it a week or so. 

 Thank you!

Enjoy a loaf yourself or give as a gift!

CINNAMON ROLLS                                                                                           $1.50 each (Minimum order 4)
A time honored favorite with family and friends, these decadent delights are topped off with cream cheese frosting. Perfect for breakfast, special guests or “just because.”  (Individual packaging available)

    Blue Ribbon  – 2012 AZ State Fair                       $5.00

Wonderful for sandwiches

Cottage Cheese brings an unusual bit of tang to the flavor of this bread. (There are no discernible chunks of cottage cheese. In fact, a friend who claims he “hates” all cottage cheese, sour cream and plain yogurt loves this bread because he doesn’t know what’s in it!) The bread’s firm texture slices very well and makes great sandwiches.

                                                                                                            $4.00 Dozen
Taster testers rave about these light rolls! At their yummiest when eaten warm and perfect to round out a special dinner.

OAT & HONEY LOAF                                                                                       $5.00
Slightly sweet, you will enjoy this bread toasted and served alongside your favorite breakfast drink. Also makes a yummy sandwich!

ROSEMARY BREAD                                                                                      $5.00
Blue Ribbon/Best-of-Class   2012 Pima County Fair            
Blue Ribbon – 2012 AZ State Fair
Tear off a chunk of this free-form loaf and dip it in olive oil and balsamic vinegar – it is wonderful!  Lo-calorie and made with fresh rosemary, it’s the perfect accompaniment to Italian food.

JEAN’S BEAUTIFUL BREAD  (A Rustic Artisan Loaf)                                        $5.00

Crispy and delicious!

Voted by the cook as the most fun bread to bake, this crusty NO FAT bread is something your grandmother might have made. Baked in ceramic rather than metal, it’s truly a work of art and delicious to boot. (Another 2014 Fair  entry!)   NOTE:  I need at least three days notice for this one. It requires 24 hours, start to finish.


BREAKFAST & BRUNCH BREADS    $7.00 each     

A new twist on an old favorite, we added dried cherries for texture and another layer of flavor, and sour cream for moistness.  It’s a winner!

Tart, sweet and citrusy  with the crunch of nuts , this is glazed with lemon juice and powdered sugar after baking. It’s moist and delicious and should be refrigerated to retain moisture, if there’s any left after opening!

PEAR BREAD    (Seasonal)
Delight your taste buds with the light flavor of tender, fresh pear bits and a hint of yogurt in this special treat. This is a yummy bread, perfect with breakfast or just a snack.

This bread is the Taste of  Fall:  pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg, joined by fresh cranberries that burst in the baking. You have a perfect flavor combination for cool weather breakfast, brunch or dessert.

                                                        MINI – MUFFINS – $4.00  Dozen

Bite-sized, anytime snacks that can be breakfast-on-the-run, an after school treat for the kids or a tide-you-over-till dinner when you just can’t wait another minute.

Prepare your taste buds for yummy and your body for healthy! Packed with raisins, cranberries and apricots these lightly sweetened treats are made with old fashioned oats, whole wheat flour (no white), applesauce and a bit of brown sugar. The combination is unbeatable!

BLUE CORN     Blue Ribbon – 2012 Pima County Fair
Are they really blue? Yep! Are they good? You bet! Made with organic blue corn meal and containing kernels of corn, these unique muffins are great with salad or soup. Snack on them anytime.

These delightful muffins are made with a whole orange. Don’t let that scare you – the peeling adds an additional layer of citrus flavor and the results are worth it. As one satisfied customer put it, “These are a party in my mouth.” Definitely an entry for  next year’s Fair!

TRIPLE CHOCOLATE BROWNIE BITES     Blue Ribbon -2013 Pima County Fair
Chocolate lovers, this one’s for you. Not really a cookie, but a must in the dessert department! These are baked in mini-muffin tins and are absolutely dark chocolate decadence with a hint of coffee. Yum.

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