Let’s Get Real About Home Cooking

Maybe cooking isn’t your outlet for creativity. Maybe you don’t feel confident enough to enjoy it. Maybe the demands of 3 meals a day, EVERY DARN DAY, are too much for you. Take heart, you’re not alone.

The good news is: there are myriads of choices in the grocery store, although some are better than others.  You get to choose the level of cooking you do:

  • Nothing from scratch
  • Lots of help from the deli, freezer section, packaged food & canned goods aisles
  • A blend of fresh foods and prepared foods
  • Cooking mostly with fresh ingredients
  • Eating more fruits and vegetables that don’t need cooking

Some of the Pros & Cons of cooking at home are summarized below:


  • It’s healthier than fast food  (You control the sugar, fat & salt and there are no preservatives)
  • It’s cheaper than eating out
  • You enjoy knowing you’re eating healthier
  • You feel better physically when you eat healthier
  • You’re investing in your family’s health and well-being
  • Everybody can help


  • You don’t have time to cook
  • You don’t know what to cook
  • You hate grocery shopping
  • Everything in the kitchen gets dirty
  • Your kids won’t eat vegetables

These are just a few.  Making the commitment to cook at home can seem “Not possible!”  Just like the commitment to control your temper, drive under the speed limit, lose 30 pounds or build an exercise program into your routine when the most exercise you get now is walking to your mailbox.

Isn’t it all about change; choosing to do something different that will make your life better?  Here are 5 things that can help you:

1) Start small – Commit to just one home cooked meal a week or one more than you’re doing now.

2) Enlist help – Spouse, teens and even younger kids can help. Family time spent in the kitchen and at the dinner table presents great opportunities for connecting at the end of the day and affirming family relationships.  Check this site often for quick and easy recipes, kitchen reference information, fun things to cook.

3)  Know that planning, which is simply deciding ahead of time, is the key to success in the kitchen.  Watch this spot for how-to information and systems that work.

4)  Sign up to receive free weekly  “Tips, Hints & Cooking Shortcuts”  which will give you lots of ideas and support in home cooking.  For immediate help, order the booklet  “Organize and Love Your Kitchen! 89 Tips & Ideas.”  www.jeanskitchen.net/organize-love-your-kitchen Few people have a perfect kitchen and here you’ll find things you can do today to make your kitchen work.

5)  Come to a cooking class in Jean’s Kitchen – Fun, interactive, great recipes, any skill level - delicious food. Bring a friend!

Yes, home cooking requires commitment and planning. Yes, it takes time. Like most other good things, it pays off big time and I promise, it’s worth it!












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