My Kitchen Companions

Other than Roger, pots & pans and actual cooking tools, my favorite kitchen companions are books - cooking, of course. I learned to cook as a new bride from a Better Homes & Gardens beginner book, way back when. It was a wedding gift from my Mom and over the years I literally wore it out.

When I cooked my first Thanksgiving turkey, BH & G taught me how. Thanks to them, I found no surprise package of giblets in the turkey cavity when we served it.

When hamburger was on sale and I bought ten pounds, my book provided recipes for meatloaf, hamburger soup and steak substitute.

It was the first place I looked for answers to the questions, “How do I …..?” and “What is this ingredient?” (Now, of course, you go online!)    

My library has quite a few cooking and recipe books. One of the most used is a slightly more recent (1994) reference book: The Kitchen Companion (aptly named) by Polly Clingerman. I did an online search to see if it is still available and it is, with prices ranging (used) from 5o cents to several hundred dollars – go figure!

The book is actually a compilation of recipes, notes, charts, substitutions, tips, tricks and techniques from a  log she created  during 30 years of living, cooking and entertaining around the world while in the diplomatic service.

It is my go-to kitchen reference. I learn something every time I open it.

What are your kitchen companions?

Your friend in the kitchen,


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