Organize & Love Your Kitchen


Kitchen duty is no fun when you can’t find the potato peeler, you make three trips to the store to complete the recipe for tonight’s special dessert, and the cutting board slides all over the counter when you’re slicing the roast.

The solutions to these problems and many more are found in this kitchen tips booklet. With 89 tips in all, there’s something for everyone.

Learn the secrets of experienced cooks and professional organizers:

  • Better ways to use your space, even if you don’t have a lot of it
  • How to save precious time in the mornings
  • New idea for leftovers in the fridge
  • What to do with items that don’t fit in your cupboards
  • Remember exactly where you put the 8 oz jar of specialty jam
  • Shorten the time it takes to bake from scratch
  • How to organize the junk drawer
  • Never again rummage in the back of the freezer for that single pound of hamburger
  • Know at a glance what you need from the grocery store
  • Never cut yourself again reaching into the knife drawer
  • Save time with an organized pantry

There are dozens more ideas in this booklet:  Organize and Love Your Kitchen! 89 Tips & Ideas.  Order your copy today – only $2.50 (including postage and handling).

Here’s what others are saying about Organize & Love Your Kitchen! 89 Tips & Ideas

“Good work and GREAT ideas”

“I was delighted to read Organize and Love Your Kitchen_ The tips were useful and easy to implement. No more long-lost leftovers in the refrigerator masquerading as science projects. No more going through the refrigerator in search of condiments. No more clutter and wasted space in my drawers and cupboards.”

 “I liked all the tips. Jean did a great job.”

 “After following Jean’s tips, I ended up with one empty drawer and extra space in my cupboards. Amazing! I can put my hands on anything and everything within seconds. After organizing Jean’s way, I DO love my kitchen again.”

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