Corn Ball Cookies?

Something is amiss. I picked up a recipe card for Corn Cookies in a kitchen/food store the other day. Never having heard of corn cookies, it was something new to try.

Results:  Either the gourmet corn meal the recipe called for is really different from the kind I have (mixed with a ‘secret’ ingredient?) or I did something very wrong, but I ended up with Corn Ball Cookies.

The dough wasn’t doughy at all, but very crumbly. The only way I could get it to stick together was to pack a couple of tablespoons of it into my hand and squeeze it into a ball.  So that’s what I did. They baked and the only noticeable difference between the raw and the cooked was a light brown cookie bottom.

The shape stayed the same; no rising, no flattening out, no nothin’. They actually taste pretty good; they’re nice and crunchy and have a sweetened corn flavor.  I can’t help thinking I missed something.

Corn Ball Cookie, anyone?

Don’t mind if I do!

Your friend in the kitchen,