County Fair Judges liked my entries

I don’t mean to brag, but this is too delightful to keep to myself. Just for fun, I entered five food items in the 2012 Pima County Fair, hoping for (maybe) one blue ribbon.  Wow, was I surprised! Here are my entries and the results:

  • Rosemary Bread – Blue Ribbon and Best of Class Ribbon
  • Blue Corn Mini-Muffins – Blue Ribbon
  • Gingersnap Cookies – Blue Ribbon
  • Orange Rosemary Jelly – Blue Ribbon
  • Tomato Jam – White Ribbon (3rd Place)

It’s the first time I’ve entered a county fair competition or even thought of  winning a blue  ribbon in anything.  I’ve served all these foods to many friends and they have affirmed the yummy-ness (I know, made up word) of each one.

So I know it and they know it. But now it’s “official” – isn’t that what blue ribbons are for?