Pepperoni Sandwiches – Weird But Wonderful

Last night was the 4th time these sandwiches have been on my menu and again, they were a big hit. Just 4 ingredients and simple enough that my 8 year old grandson put them together for me when we visited in May.

The recipe is from another food blogger and I apologize that I don’t remember who, but I’m so glad I found it. Thanks to all my friends who have trusted me on this one!

Cinnamon bread – Yep, it comes with raisins.
Pepperoni slices – regular or turkey – I put 9 slices per sandwich
Swiss cheese slices – 2 per sandwich

Original recipe called for spicy mustard on one slice of the bread. I made them that way the first time and then tried my tomato jam instead and liked it better.

Make the sandwiches, spread with butter and grill as for grilled cheese. Use medium-low heat or the bread will brown too quickly and the cheese won’t be melted.

Let me know how you like it!