Beets & Eggs – A Simple Salad

I recently purchased an egg slicer. Haven’t had one for years and don’t need one very often. I’ve been slicing eggs with a knife. But I have to say, the slicer does a beautiful job of creating even, smooth slices. The yolk seems less inclined to separate from the white and makes the egg easier to handle.

Anyway, buying the slicer made me remember one of my favorite salads growing up and gave me a good reason to make it:  Beets & Eggs   Here’s how Mom did it:

1. She would shred lettuce and spread it out on a large plate.
2. Open and drain a couple of cans of sliced pickled beets (we were a big family).
3. Take hardboiled eggs out of the refrigerator; peel, then slice them crosswise.
4.  Lay a slice of beet and a slice of egg alternately in a circle around the outer section of the lettuce lined plate. If there was room on the plate, she’d make a second circle inside the first. If there was still more room, she’d pile the remaining beets and a few egg slices in  the very center.
5. She added a few dollops of mayonnaise here and there and it was ready to serve.

If you don’t like pickled beets, you can make this with plain, cooked and sliced beets. It’s a very pretty salad. You can also do the same presentation on individual salad plates with the dollop of mayo in the center.