Hi Jean,

You never even batted an eye when I asked if you would bake me around 100 of your cinnamon rolls.  Then when I increased the amount to nearly 175 you were equally as gracious.  I would like to add that the packaging was perfect for my needs; since I asked that each roll be packaged separately.

When I brought your cinnamon rolls into the offices I call on and gave them away I was barely able to get most of them on the desks before they were opened and devoured.  Everyone went on and on about how delicious they were.  I can absolutely attest to that as well.  Each time I picked up a new batch at your home I was treated to an extra one.  It was just as delicious each time.

There were some clients who, at first, didn’t want to take a cinnamon roll.  When I shared they were homemade those clients changed their minds and had their hands out.  Seems people really enjoy the idea of not having preservatives in their food.  Your products are a most welcomed change to the choice of foods we eat that contain ingredients many of us can not even pronounce.

Thank you as well for being so professional, courteous, friendly, and accommodating to me in having my daily pick-ups ready to go.


Rosie Tucker
Area Manager
Roadrunner Auto Glass and Window Tint
Tucson, Arizona

Attending a cooking class in Jean’s Kitchen was lots of fun; great food, great tips and great company. I left with some wonderful ideas I could use right away.

Kaylene Hardy

I served holiday guests Jean’s Orange Bread and Strawberry Bread with breakfast.  They absolutely loved them.  They were very moist and full of flavor.  I also made toast with her delicious Rosemary Bread. Each morning the guests would ask for Jean’s yummy breads.                                                                                    Cindy O’Connell

Jean’s Kitchen recipe:
   1/4 c of new recipes

   1/4 c of time-saving tips

   1/4 c of watching Jean cook

   1/4 c of dining

Makes one fun cup at Jean’s Kitchen. 

I was in the first group and we had so much fun sharing kitchen secrets, watching Jean cook and then sitting down to enjoy the delicious meal she prepared. Plus we walked away with a whole week’s worth of recipes.
Ann Edge Lipscomb,  Edge Graphic Design

Jean is a cook extraordinaire – just sampled a few of her blue corn muffins and yes, I said a few because you can’t eat just one. Looking forward to taking one of her classes and learning her cooking secrets.                                                                 Jere’ Webb

Every time I have had the opportunity to experience Jean’s cooking, it is delicious!  What I love about watching Jean put it all together, is that she makes everything simple and easy to learn.  Jean has an endless number of cooking tips, which everyone could use in their kitchen.

I am looking forward to her next series of classes.

Tina LeBron

 In her cooking classes, Jean Slagel delightfully communicates her love of cooking great tasting food, along with her knowledge and use of modern tools and techniques which enables her students to be successful in their own kitchen adventures.

 Becky Kappler


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